The universal cut-off for season turn-over and age qualifiers does not allow for some MAs or clubs who may need to customize it.
Example 1: CurlBC's U13 age cut-off is not July 1st but Jan 1st. Consequently, Marpole CC has had to refund U13 registrants this inapplicable fee when their birthdates fall between Jan. 1st and June 30th of the year in question.
Example 2: CurlON has several competitions that have a Jan 1st age cutoff while others have a July 1st cutoff. They need the ability to override a club cutoff default with competition specific cutoffs.
Ideally we allow clubs to specify which month of the year (always assume the 1st) will be their age cutoff / deadline. E.g. July means July 1st at 12:00 AM, so must have turned 18 before July 1st in order to compete in an 18+ event.
This will apply to ager restrictions on fees, leagues, competitions, and discounts.