The ability to capture not just the final score and winner / loser of a game, but also the ability to score each of the ends in a game.
Here's what we have so far. Once you click on a game in the schedule, if end scores are enable to that league or competition, you'll see something like this (see attached image), if the event has end scores enabled (most clubs will not use this feature, so it will default to disabled).
When entering scores you just hit tab which will move you to the next team in the same end, then the first team in the next end, etc.
As you enter scores the grey background within the end that indicates the hammer for that end, will update automatically.
You can choose different rock colours.
You can choose / change who gets the first hammer (last shot in the first end).
You can choose / change the results. The other team's result will auto update when you choose a result. We do not automatically set the result based on score as this may create issues for national and provincial competitions due to score entry mistakes and caching.
Unlike our legacy version of score capture, there is no auto-save and no auto-tab. Auto-tab was simply confusing, and auto-save was problematic in venue with poor internet connections.
Capturing shot by shot data will be handled in a separate feature ticket.