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Competitor Cards / Fees
under review
Ability to attach a competitor card fee for each entry in a lineup. Last season we implemented an automated competitor card fee that would be added to a competition registration based on the number of curlers in the lineup. There are a few issues with this though: 1. In some provinces (Manitoba) a team may participate in more than one qualifier before the final. If competitor cards were mandatory for both of those qualifier events, then the team would be forced to pay twice. 2. If one of the team members is replaced after the qualifier but before the final, then there's no way to identify that the team now owes an additional competitor card fee for the new curler. --- There are a few potential solutions. 1. The ideal solution is to require each individual curler to purchase their own competitor card, which we can then treat as a "Seasonal Fee". Then we would know that they had already paid when they participate in the next qualifier or final. This solves both #1 and #2, and also has the nice side effect of getting everyone's profile into the system w/ an accepted waiver. The BIG downside however it increases the registration difficulty significantly for members and / or team managers. It is worth noting that the difficulty decreases after their first registration, as they will already have their profiles in the system and won't need to fill them out again. 2. An alternative solution is to leverage *add ons* that will allow you to assign competitor fees to a competition. You could for example add 4 required competitor fee addons to a competition and then 1 or more optional competitor fees to account for alternates. The downside here is that it's not automatically policed, which creates manual overhead for MAs to ensure that the appropriate fees were charged. 3. Or we maintain the same functionality we had last season and automate the competitor fee based on the number of entries in the lineup. CurlON also has a high performance fee, which is applied similar to competitor fees. We should try to leverage the same solution to handle it as well if possible.
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